The Allergy Matters Conference 2018

For some years I  have been toying with the idea of organising a conference for people who have severe food allergies or care for those with severe food allergies.

A place to provide education on aspects of allergy from   reliable sources. A day to meet people you have met on social media,  and gain the support of friends who live similar lives with  food allergy.. Hopefully we can improve the impact allergies have on our lives, and join forces with those who work to improve patient care, food labelling,and eating outside the home.  Moving forward to make  living with allergies  easier tomorrow than it is today.

Please save this date for the conference Friday 19th October 2018

List of speakers, and ticket sales will be added to this site next year.

I look forward to meeting you all 2018!

The Allergy Matters Conference 2018
Lecture Hall