The Allergy Matters Conference 2018

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For some years I have been toying with the idea of organising a conference for people who have severe food allergies or care for those with severe food allergies.

A place to provide education on aspects of allergy from  reliable sources. A day to meet people you have met on social media and gain the support of friends who live similar lives with food allergy. Hopefully we can improve the impact allergies have on our lives, and join forces with those who work to improve patient care, food labeling and eating outside the home.  Moving forward to make living with allergies easier tomorrow than it is today.

Please save this date for the conference Friday 19th October 2018

I look forward to meeting you all 2018!

List of speakers

Dr Maeve Kelleher

Dr Maeve Kelleher is a Locum Consultant in Paediatric Allergy in Guys & St Thomas’ Trust. She also holds a National Institute of Health Research Fellowship in Paediatric Allergy in Imperial College London. She undertook her general paediatric and allergy training in Ireland.

She was awarded an MD in Paediatric Allergy from University College Cork in 2015 for her work as part of the Cork BASELINE Birth Cohort study, exploring the relationship between skin barrier impairment in early infancy and the development of eczema and food allergy. Her current research interests are in the prevention of allergy in infants.



Carla Jones – Chief Executive Officer

Carla joined Allergy UK in May 2015 with ten years senior executive experience leading complex services in the third and public sectors and an earlier academic career lecturing on topics associated with early years development, the psycho-social aspects of health and evaluation of the impact of the government’s Sure Start initiatives.

Carla is leading the strategic growth of Allergy UK in line with our mission to raise the profile of allergy at all levels so that everyone affected by allergy will receive the best possible care and support. She represents the charity at influential organisations working in the field of allergy across the UK and Europe, including the British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology (BSACI), the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) and the European Federation of Allergy and Airways Association (EFA) where she is a board member.

Lynne Regent – Chief Executive and Deputy Chief Executive

Lynne Regent joined the Anaphylaxis Campaign as Chief Executive Officer in 2008 after nearly 30 years working in the NHS, ultimately as Chief Executive of Crawley Primary Care Trust.

As CEO, Lynne ensures the Anaphylaxis Campaign achieves its objective to support people at risk of severe allergies. She is also involved with several organisations; acting as Co-chair of the National Allergy Strategy Group (NASG), committee member of the Patient Organising Committee for the European Association of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) and committee member of the International Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Association (IFAAA).

During 2013-2017 Lynne led the UK patient group involvement in iFAAM – the largest ever European-wide study of the severely allergic population, examining an integrated approach to food allergens and risk management.

Hazel Gowland – BA(Hons), PGCE, MSoFHT, MREHIS, FIFST

Severe allergy to nuts and peanuts since early childhood and has survived a number of life-threatening reactions. She has worked at national level with the Anaphylaxis Campaign since its earliest days in 1994 and is its Food Adviser

Hazel supports and advises those at risk from severe food allergies, both through personal experience and professional expertise.

This work also involves food suppliers as well as families, schools, food enforcement officers, local and national government, doctors, specialist nurses and dieticians. Hazel develops accessible e-learning resources and allergy training courses for food handlers in the workplace.

Hazel investigates deaths and ‘near misses’ from food allergy, provides expert evidence and undertakes scientific, clinical and consumer research into why and how allergen avoidance may fail and how those at risk may be protected.

Adrian Rogers

Has been with Romer Labs for 8 years in his role as a Senior Research Scientist. He is responsible for research and development within Romer’s allergen competence center based in the UK.
Before joining Romer Labs, Adrian was an R&D Scientist involved in the development of ELISA and Lateral Flow immunoassays for the detection of food allergens. Adrian is a microbiologist by training and has 17 years experience in the development of immunoassays, 15 years of which have been spent developing test kits for the detection of food allergens.

Adrian has been involved in a number of food allergy projects including EuroPrevall, an EU funded multidisciplinary integrated project which investigated the prevalence of food allergy across Europe. He is currently a member of the University of Manchester’s Food allergen network and co-ordinated Romer Labs’ contribution to the “Innovate UK Knowledge Transfer Project”, with the University of Manchester looking at improving soya allergen analysis.




Sister Emma Deller – College Nurse and Head of Health, St John’s College, The University of Cambridge


Sister Emma Deller championed and co-wrote ‘Guidance on the recognition and treatment of individuals with anaphylaxis’ for the University of Cambridge in 2014, after being inspired by caring for a casualty in the community and previous experience in emergency medicine (including A&E and Resuscitation) and first aid training.

The intention of the guidance was to address the needs of those at risk of a life threatening anaphylactic reaction and the ongoing safe management of students.

Emma has an active interest in bridging the gap between hospital and pre-hospital care and is motivated to act as an advocate for the health and wellbeing of students and staff, within the college(s) and across the university. Emma works with both undergraduate and postgraduate students of St John’s College.