Allergy Awards Show 2016

On Thursday 8th September 2016, I was awarded with the Family/Friend hero award at the Grand Connaught Rooms in London!

I was also included in the Allergy UK Focus Magazine, the article included is below!


“Our winner of the Family/Friend Hero award is Sarah Chapman, a caring mother to her child, who has had multiple food allergies from birth. Sarah takes precise care in finding the right food and places to eat for her son. After multiple unavoidable anaphylactic attacks and time spent in A&E, Sarah continues to remain calm and reassuring to her family, giving her son the confidence he needs to live without restraint from his allergies.
Using her own personal experiences and furthering her knowledge in allergies, Sarah has set up support groups and workshops for other families living with allergy. She meets with experts, keeps up-to-date with government regulations and has spoken to restaurants herself on allergy. With her large following on Twitter, she has gone global with her advice, helping people living outside of the UK and those who are planning holidays outside of the UK as well. The family also attended the annual Food Allergy Bloggers conference in Las Vegas in 2014.
Last year, Sarah’s son had a severe reaction, her husband describes the experience: “the situation was extremely frightening for our son and everyone there was very anxious apart from Sarah who remained calm and focused. She provided reassurance to our son throughout and, if it wasn’t for her actions, his condition would have been a lot worse by the time the ambulance arrived. Sarah is our Allergy Hero.”